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The police department in Twin Falls, ID is mandating that visiting vendors in the town must be fingerprinted, to protect the townspeople from harassment. The police chief notes that the fingerprinting requirement is not to prevent door-to-door sales, but to […]

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Researchers at Michigan State are working to replace inaccurate vaccination logs with fingerprinting systems for young children in Africa. Efficiently matching the fingerprints of children with scanning technology with help replace the unreliable paper records to update patient history. While […]

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All people without Russian citizenship who receive an entry visa must now be fingerprinted, according to the new biometric registration requirements mandated by Putin. With the goal of preventing unknown terrorists or illegal immigrants from gaining access to the country, […]

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California police are using biometric technology to track suspects by scanning their fingerprints, tattoos, and photographs. EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, conducted a study to determine the fingerprinting technologies and biometric methods being used by law enforcement, and they received […]

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The Madison, OH police department used special technology to arrest one of the most-wanted fugitives in the state. The method, known as Morpholdent, allowed officers to fingerprint the suspect, whose DOB and age did not match up, to determine that […]

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