“Smart Cards” Find New Uses for Biometric Technology

fingerprint-1174309_1280FPC, Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards, is using fingerprint sensor technology to develop smart cards that consumers can use to shop and travel. The smart cards are simpler and more secure than traditional pins or passwords, and biometric fingerprinting methods are rising in popularity due to the scanning sensors on iPhones. Other firms are cautious about putting smart cards on the market too soon, but they project that in the next five to ten years fingerprint sensors will be ubiquitous.

Critics warn that the adoption of smart cards for payment will be challenging due to the expected boom of smartphones, which will represent 60-70% of international markets. Alternatively, FPC may be able to segue their biometric fingerprinting technology into security for businesses by offering smart cards as ID badges or other wearable identification. There is an increasing number of players in the fingerprint sensor market, and FPC expects its smart cards to grow as it makes plans with big clients.