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Atlanta's Top Fingerprint Service

How Mobile Fingerprinting Works

When you need to have your fingerprints taken, don't spend a long trying to find a place to get fingerprinted or waste hours waiting at a police station. Atlanta Fingerprinting will send a reliable, ink fingerprint technician to you. We provide accurate, quick, mobile fingerprinting service to individuals and businesses in the metro-Atlanta area.

Our mobile fingerprint service is perfect for busy individuals and businesses which need on-site fingerprinting for employment background checks or professional licenses. We come to you which reduces the processing time from hours to minutes. We bring our mobile fingerprint equipment and the FBI FD 258 fingerprinting cards to your business or residence. You, or your employee, just show up with clean hands and a valid ID. We'll roll your fingerprints in privacy and leave you with the completed, FBI fingerprint cards.

Our mobile finger printing service is fast and reliable resulting in minimal disruption to a busy schedule. Call us to schedule an appointment for our on-site, fingerprinting service--same-day service is possible.

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