Atlanta Fingerprinting helps individuals and businesses who need quick, high-quality, ink fingerprinting services. We have trained experts who will ink roll fingerprints accurately for employment background checks, professional licenses, liquor licensing, and immigration or passport renewals. We use the standard, FBI FD 258 fingerprint cards, as well as other state & federal fingerprinting cards. We pride ourselves with a fingerprint rejection rate of less than 1%.

We currently do not offer electronic, digital or Livescan fingerprinting.
We currently do not work with Cogent, Gemalto or LiveScan.

Who do we help with our fingerprinting service?

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Some of the positions that commonly require FBI fingerprinting:

> Physicians & Nurses
> FINRA Professionals
> Mortgage Brokers
> Real Estate Agents
> Insurance Brokers
> Architects
> Tax Preparers & IRS Agents
> Lawyers & Student Bar Applicants
> Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs
> Liquor Licensees
> Medical Marijuana Licensees
> Adoptions & Foster Parents
> Teachers and Other School Employees
> Child Care Workers
> Nursing Home Employees
> Home Health & Hospice Workers
> Massage Therapists
> Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
> Department of Defense Workers
> Applicants for Concealed Firearm Permits (ATF)
> Applicants for Expungements & Other Legal Matters
> Applicants for Citizenship & Immigration (Canada)
> Applicants for Passports Renewals (South Africa & Ethiopia)

What you can expect from our fingerprint service

Our goal is to provide you with fast, high-quality, ink fingerprints. We’ll provide:

  • A professional, office setting
  • No intimidating “booking/jail” rooms
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Special liquids for hard-to-read fingerprints
  • Experienced technicians to roll your fingerprints
  • Quick service–you’ll be in and out within 10-15 minutes

What an employer or business can expect from our mobile service:

We’ll provide employers & businesses with convenient, professional fingerprinting services by giving:

  • A hassle-free experience for your employees
  • Fewer disruptions to your employee’s work schedule
  • Privacy since we print you at your office or ours
  • No equipment purchases–we provide the FBI fingerprint cards
  • Fast fingerprinting times for large groups
  • Easy payment processing

Please note:  It is widely suggested by the FBI that at least two fingerprint cards are submitted for processing. Due to the range of conditions of an individual’s fingers, ink fingerprints are NOT guaranteed to be readable by finger printing card scanners used by the FBI or other processing sites.

Rejections are often due to skin conditions relating to health issues, excessive hand washing, dry cracking skin, light ridge detail from aging, calloused fingertips, injuries or amputations. As a result, no fingerprint roll is always perfect. If for any reason your fingerprint cards are returned by the authorities and deemed unreadable due to our error, we will reprint you at no charge. If the fingerprint cards are rejected due to skin conditions, or light fingerprint ridge detail, however, there will be a reprint fee.

Where can I get my fingerprints taken?

Atlanta Fingerprinting is located between Buckhead and Midtown where Interstates 85, 75 and 400 merge. Our office, located at 1800 Peachtree Street, NW, is open to roll fingerprints weekdays and weekends.  There is plenty of parking. We fingerprint by appointment only so that we can complete your finger prints within 10-15 minutes. Please buy generic isotretinoin no prescription to schedule a time.