US, EU Visitors to Russia Will Be Fingerprinted

russia-652860_1280To mirror the measures taken against their citizens traveling abroad, Russia is mandating that all US and EU nationals be fingerprinted upon entering the country. While this action may hinder tourists from visiting Russia, the Public Chamber has deemed it necessary to secure the nation from extremists pretending to be refugees. In response to the rule that all Russians must undergo fingerprinting when crossing the border in any EU country, Russia has decided to conduct biometric checks at their ports of entry as well.

In 2014 legislators in Russia introduced this idea, claiming that having fingerprints and photographs of all visitors would reduce crimes and aid investigations. A similar measure was proposed to fingerprint all Russian citizens to tighten security; by securing the biometric information of all people in the country, residents or not, and entering it into a database, Russia believes inefficiencies will be cut down, and safety will be enhanced.