Locking and Unlocking Guns with the Scan of a Fingerprint

agent-1239350_1280Identilock,” a new measure of gun safety, uncovers the trigger of a gun when it confirms the gun owner’s fingerprints. The advanced fingerprinting technology embedded in the device ensures that only the owner of a firearm can shoot, unlocking within one second for the right set of finger prints. Not necessarily aimed to reduce gun violence, the new technology aims to keep the control of a firearm to the owner and only the owner.

A bulky yet portable safe for guns, Identilock incorporates very sensitive fingerprinting identification that can recognize and store nine fingerprints to prevent unauthorized use. The creator listed the highly advanced fingerprint tech as the hardest part of creating Identilock, which uses a small scanner similar to an iPhone’s to read fingerprints. While Identilock is not yet prepared to operate when a gun owner’s finger is wet or somehow obstructed, the lock does have the capability to charge via USB or unlock with a physical key, and it’s coming to market this summer.