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Contactless Fingerprint Scanner Gains FBI Certification

MorphoWave Desktop fingerprint scanner, designed by French company Morpho, is contactless and produces high-quality images on par with traditional contact fingerprinting scanners. With the wave of a hand, the MorphoWave can identify and store four fingerprints from either hand. Certified […]

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Europe to Fingerprint and Photograph Foreign Visitors

To stop terrorism and improve security, in 2020 European countries will fingerprint and photograph all visitors without EU passports. The data collected, including four fingerprints and a facial photograph from each, will be stored for five years in a centralized […]

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Android Marshmallow to Use Fingerprints to Verify Purchases

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will allow users to quickly authenticate purchases on Google Play with their fingerprints. The device’s new fingerprint API now includes unlocking the phone and making mobile purchases safely by fingerprinting the user on the phone’s sensor. Android […]

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NJ Officers Fingerprint Kids Just in Case

In Hudson County, New Jersey, the Prosecutor’s and Sheriff’s Offices joined up to hold an event to fingerprint children in the event of their disappearance. Parents brought their kids to a local mall to do a fingerprinting chart with officers […]

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Smart Cards to Replace Keys, Badges, Credit Cards

Predicting that biometric smart cards will become its area of highest growth, Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (FPC) believes the unique authentication method will be widespread by 2018. With the ability to replace credit cards, ID badges, or even car keys, the […]

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