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FBI Wants Its Database of Fingerprints, Photographs to Be Private

The FBI is trying to protect its database of fingerprints and photographs from a federal law that gives Americans the right to know if they are in the system. Advocates for privacy and civil rights are pushing to make sure […]

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Companies Join to Provide Secure Fingerprint Verification

Several different businesses in biometric technology are teaming up to produce better security for fingerprinting technology in wearables and mobile devices. STMicroelectronics, Gemalto, Precise Biometrics and Fingerprint Cards are collaborating to create a better infrastructure for fingerprint sensors. This method […]

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Apple Wants to Protect its Devices from Government Access

Apple has a new initiative to make devices more secure, but this might specifically protect phones from the FBI. The recent case of the shooter in San Bernardino demonstrated a weakness in iPhone security, as the investigators cracked into the […]

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Why Fingerprint Unlocking is Not Protected by the Fifth Amendment

Because a court could demand that you use your fingerprint to open your smartphone during an investigation, attorneys are warning people against using the biometric feature on their devices. Legally, an investigator cannot forcibly obtain a passcode, but they can […]

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How Fingerprint Sensors Give Law Enforcement Access to Your Information

    Because technology moves so quickly, sometimes the law has to play a catch-up game. This is the case for fingerprinting sensors located on mobile devices because, while they enhance security, they do not protect individuals from being forced to […]

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