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Smart Cards to Replace Keys, Badges, Credit Cards

Predicting that biometric smart cards will become its area of highest growth, Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards (FPC) believes the unique authentication method will be widespread by 2018. With the ability to replace credit cards, ID badges, or even car keys, the […]

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New Sensor Reads Fingerprints Under Phone’s Glass

Continuing to develop the fingerprinting technology on smartphones beyond the present biometric-capable home buttons, Fingerprint Cards and TPK is developing a method that incorporates a fingerprint sensor underneath the phone’s glass. This module will allow smartphone designers to create a […]

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Fingerprinting Wait Times Leave Las Vegas Applicants Upset

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department had to close down one of their fingerprinting locations, leaving all the fingerprints to be taken at one location, with two to three hour wait times. Though the purpose of closing their location was […]

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FPC Smart Cards: Simple, Secure ID Method

FPC, Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards, is among leaders in the smart card industry who just might make daily tasks even easier and faster; by employing biometric technology, people will be able to make purchases, unlock their cars, get into buildings, and […]

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Sleek, Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensors Coming to Devices

Thanks to Fingerprint Cards, phone manufacturers can now design devices with a fingerprint sensor located underneath the glass cover. This sleek design will offer the same type of fingerprint authentication that is ubiquitous on smartphones, but instead of having an […]

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