Majority of Russians Favor Fingerprint Database

Coat_of_Arms_of_the_Russian_Federation.svgThe Public Opinion Foundation conducted a poll which concluded that most Russian citizens showed support for a government universal fingerprint database as a means of combatting crime and terrorism.

About 2,000 in 100 towns and 44 regions took the pool on March 27 through the 28.  Fifty-five percent agreed that the finger print database would be helpful.  Thirty percent feared that the database might have negative repercussions, such as a possible leak that can be used by criminals.  Furthermore, some opponents of the poll saw this proposed measure as totalitarian and an invasion
of privacy.  Despite the 55% of respondents who agreed that the database would be helpful, only 45% were ready to provide their fingerprints.  Twenty-two percent said they would not provide the prints if asked, and 24% said that they do not care either way.  Nineteen percent has had their fingerprints taken, while 80% had never undergone the fingerprinting procedure.