Ink Fingerprinting & Electronic Fingerprinting

When you get a new job as a nurse, physician, or you need a new state license for your industry, employers will require you to go through finger printing as a part of a background check.

Fingerprinting is used by law enforcement agencies to find any single person’s criminal history. When applying for a state license of any kind, you will need to look into one of two options: ink fingerprints, the more traditional option, and electronic digital finger prints.

At this time, Atlanta Fingerprinting only offers ink fingerprinting. Deciding which option is best for you depends on where the fingerprints are being sent to and which your future employer requests. We suggest inquiring first with your employer and discussing which option would be best for you. If you still are unsure, feel free to give our office a call with any more questions. Many FBI background checks will request the traditional method of ink fingerprinting. Ink finger printing does have the potential to get smudged or inaccurately read the finger ridge. The FBI recommends getting at least two sets of fingerprints so that in the event that one of the fingerprint cards is unusable, they can use the second set of prints. 

Electronic fingerprinting is not currently provided at Atlanta Fingerprinting. Certain states do not allow for a digital fingerprint to be processed and sent over state lines, so ensure that you are acquiring your electronic fingerprinting in the state in which it will be sent. Also note that ink fingerprinting is generally the more economical option of the two.

In order to begin, we will need your ID, our order form filled out, and the fingerprint cards needed for your employer. If you do not have finger print cards, we can provide them upon request. Atlanta Fingerprinting operates by appointment, so do not hesitate to call us to book your appointment today. For all appointments, we are located in the heart of Atlanta, between Buckhead and Midtown, and our staff is available by phone every day in between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM EST at (404) 405-1750 , or online at We offer fingerprinting on weekdays and weekends by appointment, with the goal of processing your finger prints within 15 minutes.  With over 15 years of experience, our expert technicians are trained to take high quality, ink-rolled impressions on fingerprint cards, such as FBI FD-258 cards, and to assist with all of your criminal background check fingerprinting needs.