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Carlina White was abducted from the hospital where she was born when she was less than three weeks old. She was raised by her kidnapper under a different identity, and as she got older she became suspicious that the kidnapper […]

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New fingerprinting technology, such as a sharper identification system, can aid police in solving criminal cases. The FBI fingerprinting department has started to utilize a Next Generational Identification System, which has a 99.6% accuracy rate for matching fingerprints, an improvement […]

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The popular, Georgia amusement park Six Flags has began to implement a new feature at its parks for season pass holders – fingerprint scanning identification in Atlanta. The process uses digital fingerprinting rather than ink fingerprinting. Season pass holders therefore […]

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The Transportation Security Administration has created a new Pre-Check program that any American citizen can apply for. This program allows for expedited airport screening such as that found at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, and the application requires […]

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In 2008, a man named Donald Smith was arrested for murder. All the forensic evidence pointed to Donald as being the perpetrator. He matched the witness descriptions, surveillance camera footage, and even the DNA evidence at the crime scene. However, […]

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