Mississippi Childcare Assistance Program to Require Fingerprinting

Preschool_Play_Ground_Philippines_-_The_Learning_Connection_PreschoolAs part of the new eChildcare System, childcare providers in Mississippi are being required to get fingerprints of parents and/or their household designees. Parents will also have to provide two valid forms of identification and their social security number.

Low-income parents must submit this information if they wish to continue to receive assistance from the Mississippi Department of Human Services in paying for childcare.

Not all daycare providers wish to participate in the program, however, worrying that the invasive nature of being finger printed will force parents to seek other childcare services that do not require lengthy processes for admission.

The State Investigative Committee is requesting a public hearing on the fingerprint services and scanning system.

The system has been in place in pilot sites since September of 2012 and is expected to be used by all childcare facilities by the end of February of 2013.