What to Expect from the Global Entry Personal Interview

tackle-job-interview-questionsAs more people enroll in the Global Entry program for easier international travel, many wonder what the personal interview process is like. You schedule your personal interview after filling out the Global Entry application online and answering a series of simple questions about your background and travel habits.

If you are approved after a fingerprint background check, you will have a personal interview and get fingerprinted at the customs center of your choosing. And although it may sound intimidating, many applicants agree that the interview is cordial and convenient.

Since its implementation, applications to Global Entry have increased from 15,000 to 50,000 per month. The success of Global Entry has led officials in the US and other countries to begin developing international standards for similar trusted-traveler security programs.

Global Entry and programs like it are based on the concept or risk management, rather than risk elimination. They aim to establish standards so that the programs can work with each other more effectively.

Included in these programs is Pre-Check, a TSA program that quickens screening at certain domestic airports for passengers deemed ‘trusted travelers.’ The TSA is currently working to increase eligibility for the program.

Pre-Check, Global Entry, and other programs are able to help reduce delays and inconveniences to travellers at security checkpoints. Right now, they are working on expanding and standardizing procedures in order to benefit the most domestic and international travellers.