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Contactless Fingerprint Scanner Gains FBI Certification

MorphoWave Desktop fingerprint scanner, designed by French company Morpho, is contactless and produces high-quality images on par with traditional contact fingerprinting scanners. With the wave of a hand, the MorphoWave can identify and store four fingerprints from either hand. Certified […]

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Mississippi Childcare Assistance Program to Require Fingerprinting

As part of the new eChildcare System, childcare providers in Mississippi are being required to get fingerprints of parents and/or their household designees. Parents will also have to provide two valid forms of identification and their social security number. Low-income parents […]

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New Scanners to Phase Out Finicky Fingerprint Machines

Imagine finally landing in another country after a 15-hour flight and being held up at immigration because the government-run Global Entry fingerprint scanner can’t read your fingerprints. For many travelers, this inconvenience happens all too often. Fortunately, thanks to a […]

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Foreigners Must Submit Fingerprints Upon Exiting U.S.

A new provision in the immigration reform bill requires all foreigners leaving the U.S. from certain busy airports to undergo fingerprint checks. The bill requires the Homeland Security Department to set up finger print scanners at America’s 10 busiest airports […]

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iPhone 6 to Feature Improved Fingerprint Sensor

Apple announced that the new iPhone model will have a better finger print sensor than that of the previous model, the iPhone 5s. One of the main reasons there was such a long waiting time to buy the iPhone 5s […]

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