Mobile Banking with Selfies, Fingerprints, and Voice Technology

iphone-410311_1280  With the increasing popularity of authentication technologies, big banks are developing creative ways for customers to access their mobile accounts and perform functions. MasterCard is introducing the ability for customers to verify their mobile account services by taking a selfie or using their fingerprint. This method will require customers to download an additional app that uses the camera as a scanner to confirm the customer’s identity before they can make any transaction. By having the customer blink while taking the photo, the app ensures that the person is making the decision in real-time, not using a previously taken photo to dupe the app.

Banks are looking into other biometric measures to replace passwords such as iris scanning, voice recognition, and sensing a person’s fingerprint. HSBC’s phone banking released a statement that customers will be able to register their voice to be analyzed and confirmed by the company, and anyone who has an iPhone who has an iPhone can already access their mobile accounts with their fingerprints. All of these changes represent a move away from passwords and toward enhanced security for bank customers.