Glow in the Dark Fingerprints Makes Precise Identification Possible

fingerprint-glow-in-darkA new identification technique for crime scenes, developed by an Australian scientist, uses a liquid with crystals to make fingerprints glow. When a drop of the liquid is added to a surface, and a UV light shines on it, there is a luminescent effect that makes finger prints stand out. This produces clearer photos of the fingerprints that are better for analysis, and the method may eliminate further testing in labs by conducting tests on the scene.

The minuscule crystals contained in the liquid bind to the different residues on the fingerprinting surface at the molecular level. The glowing fingerprint method has been tested on some surfaces and could save investigators valuable time and money. Metal organic framework crystals used in this process are inexpensive, safe to use, and produce bright images, making them a valuable new tool for law enforcers for many potential uses.