What is IdentoGO?

Several companies, like IdentoGO, can assist with the background check portion of security services, such as electronic and ink fingerprinting, Hazmat, Pre-TSA Check, and licensing pre-verification. Their goal is to prevent criminal activity from taking place in schools, financial and real estate transactions, and bolstering security measurements for federal and private institutions.

IdentoGO serves as a middle man in verifying your identity through electronic fingerprinting. The federal government utilizes IdentoGO’s services for security for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Universal Enrollment Services (UES), and other groups, including HazPrint and TWIC.

Here at Atlanta Fingerprinting, we can assist with ink fingerprint cards for IdentoGO use for background checks and pre-verification. When deciding what option is best for you, reach out to your employer or Channeler and ask which is best for you. For any additional questions on if ink fingerprinting is right for you, feel free to call our offices during business hours.