Foreigners in Russia to Be Fingerprinted Upon Entry

russian-churchAll people without Russian citizenship who receive an entry visa must now be fingerprinted, according to the new biometric registration requirements mandated by Putin. With the goal of preventing unknown terrorists or illegal immigrants from gaining access to the country, everyone entering Russia with a visa will undergo fingerprinting starting in December. This requirement comes in response to the rule that Russians entering the EU must have fingerprint scans upon border crossing, which was put forward last year.

The Russian leftist party even suggested that all foreigners entering Russia should be fingerprinted and photographed to tighten the national security and protect both citizens and visitors. Not only would it make crime-solving easier, but the mandate would reduce the amount of fraud by cutting out the need for fake documents or information. While the new rule would be expensive, it may help prevent the ever-increasing number of people faking visas or being deported, and it would enhance Russia’s national security.