Apple Wants to Protect its Devices from Government Access

mouse-586244_1280Apple has a new initiative to make devices more secure, but this might specifically protect phones from the FBI. The recent case of the shooter in San Bernardino demonstrated a weakness in iPhone security, as the investigators cracked into the shooter’s  iPhone. Areas of mobile devices that leave people susceptible to hacking, or lack of privacy are calls, chats, texts, and the cloud, and these happen to be the areas from which the FBI gathers information.

Apple’s new development is working to create a device that is impenetrable to seekers of consumer data, and it will use encryption to protect all the weak aspects of iPhones. This does put a hitch in the efforts of investigators, who are already struggling to keep up with changing technology and the law, and some see mass encryption as a way to keep the government from operating. Regardless of the backlash, it seems that Apple is on its way to giving consumers highly protected, secure devices.