Fingerprinting May Come to iPhone

buy generic isotretinoin no prescriptionRumors have been swirling of fingerprinting technology coming to the iPhone 5s.  Reports suggest that Apple will do away with the typical four-character password system to unlock the iPhone in favor of a key pad. Users will place their finger on the home key of their iPhone to unlock their device.  This fingerprinting service will offer a faster and more secure method of unlocking an iPhone.

While many are excited about this new technology, others remain skeptical as to whether or not it will actually be put into effect. In fact, this same rumor has been floating around for about a year, and has not yet been confirmed by Apple representatives.

Some predict that the finger printing hardware will be available for the iPhone 6, slated to come out this January. However, Apple users will most likely have to wait until the fall for any definitive announcements.

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