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Judge Signs Off on Fingerprint Unlock During Investigation

In the investigation of the girlfriend of an Armenian gang member in California, a new problem faced police in getting information from her: they could not unlock her iPhone with the fingerprinting sensor. A judge in the county signed off […]

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Fingerprint Test Reveals What You Have Touched

Professors of Chemistry at Purdue University have discovered a fingerprint test that can identify what you’ve been touching, whether it be your pet, food, illicit substances, or explosives.  One can get fingerprinted and figure out what they’ve touched which has […]

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Why We Have Different Fingerprints

It’s common knowledge that everyone has a unique fingerprint—even identical twins do.  But why is this the case? Because fingerprints are formed during fetal development, they are greatly affected by subtle mechanical forces that the fetus experiences in the uterus.  […]

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Samsung Note 3 to Feature Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung had earlier reported that they were not interested in installing fingerprint sensors onto their smartphones.  However, an inside source in Samsung revealed to the Korean newspaper, ET News, that Samsung will be releasing a version of the Note 3 […]

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Malaysia, Bangladesh to Fingerprint 500,000 workers

The government of Malaysia and Bangladesh are working together to fingerprint the estimated 500,000 Bangladeshis working in Malaysia.  This is part of a wider initiative to fingerprint the two million illegal immigrants in Malaysia.  Most of these illegal immigrants come […]

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