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The FBI is currently working on a new identification system, called Next Generation Identification, which will be bigger, better, and faster than IAFIS.  Next Generation will have a larger storage capacity than IAFIS, and it will be able to hold […]

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New fingerprinting technology, such as a sharper identification system, can aid police in solving criminal cases. The FBI fingerprinting department has started to utilize a Next Generational Identification System, which has a 99.6% accuracy rate for matching fingerprints, an improvement […]

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We all know that we have lots of bacteria on our bodies, but did you know that each of us has a unique bacterial “signature?” Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have created a technique which matches the personal […]

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection has developed new equipment that can compare the fingerprints of illegal immigrants against the FBI’s finger print database and produce results in a much shorter time frame than before.  A month after the IAFIS was established […]

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In 2011, China modified the Resident Identity Card law to require their citizens to register their fingerprints.  The aim of this legislation is two-fold: to introduce a faster and more reliable manner of identification, and to reduce the counterfeiting and […]

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