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Judge Signs Off on Fingerprint Unlock During Investigation

In the investigation of the girlfriend of an Armenian gang member in California, a new problem faced police in getting information from her: they could not unlock her iPhone with the fingerprinting sensor. A judge in the county signed off […]

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Why We Have Different Fingerprints

It’s common knowledge that everyone has a unique fingerprint—even identical twins do.  But why is this the case? Because fingerprints are formed during fetal development, they are greatly affected by subtle mechanical forces that the fetus experiences in the uterus.  […]

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Mississippi Childcare Assistance Program to Require Fingerprinting

As part of the new eChildcare System, childcare providers in Mississippi are being required to get fingerprints of parents and/or their household designees. Parents will also have to provide two valid forms of identification and their social security number. Low-income parents […]

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Majority of Russians Favor Fingerprint Database

The Public Opinion Foundation conducted a poll which concluded that most Russian citizens showed support for a government universal fingerprint database as a means of combatting crime and terrorism. About 2,000 in 100 towns and 44 regions took the pool […]

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The Next Generation of Identification Systems

The FBI is currently working on a new identification system, called Next Generation Identification, which will be bigger, better, and faster than IAFIS.  Next Generation will have a larger storage capacity than IAFIS, and it will be able to hold […]

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