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A new provision in the immigration reform bill requires all foreigners leaving the U.S. from certain busy airports to undergo fingerprint checks. The bill requires the Homeland Security Department to set up finger print scanners at America’s 10 busiest airports […]

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On December 14, 1969 in Houston, Ms. Jackson began her shift as a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell.  She parked her car in the company parking lot and was then forced into a nearby shack by an unknown assailant, who proceeded […]

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Maryland Senate Democrats passed a gun-control bill that would require residents to undergo fingerprinting, and fingerprint background checks in order to get a license to buy a firearm. The bill also includes a ban of assault weapons and magazines that […]

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IBM Customers in search of two-factor authentication for e-business applications need look no further, thanks to BIO-Key International’s finger print biometric authentication solution, which has recently been validated by IBM. BIO-Key, based out of New Jersey, is a leader in […]

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A national child safety program has gone into effect in Grants Pass, Oregon to finger print local children.  The finger printing service is a component of the Keeping Kids safe Project, which gives parents the opportunity to have their children […]

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