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State officials in California estimate that they will need 20,000 people to help sign up millions of Californians for a new health insurance exchange called Covered California. This need for assistance has caused many to question what level of screening […]

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The U.S. Army is making the move to the cloud—that is, cloud data storage—according to recent reports. The Army has recently made arrangements to bring the Defense Cross-Domain Analytical Capability, a database that stores a variety of security-related information including […]

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Rumors have been swirling of fingerprinting technology coming to the iPhone 5s.  Reports suggest that Apple will do away with the typical four-character password system to unlock the iPhone in favor of a key pad. Users will place their finger […]

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Governor Nathan Deal will sign a bill that would improve child safety in child care centers all over the state. The General Assembly passed a bill that calls for fingerprint background checks for every individual employed by a licensed childcare […]

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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is pushing to end the current requirement forcing those seeking food stamps to undergo fingerprinting background checks, a process that he believes discourages those in need from seeking benefits. Although New York State stopped […]

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