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Fingerprinting: The Oldest Form of Identification

Fingerprinting is the oldest method for identifying individuals. No two people, not even identical twins, share the same set of fingerprints. Each print has a unique set of ridges and points that trained experts are able to distinguish. If there […]

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New Scanners to Phase Out Finicky Fingerprint Machines

Imagine finally landing in another country after a 15-hour flight and being held up at immigration because the government-run Global Entry fingerprint scanner can’t read your fingerprints. For many travelers, this inconvenience happens all too often. Fortunately, thanks to a […]

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DNA: The New Fingerprint, Supreme Court Decides

Earlier this month the Supreme Court found that the government is able to take DNA samples from suspects arrested under suspicion of a violent crime.  The decision was split, 5-4, in favor of law enforcement officials. The Supreme Court deliberated […]

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Foreigners Must Submit Fingerprints Upon Exiting U.S.

A new provision in the immigration reform bill requires all foreigners leaving the U.S. from certain busy airports to undergo fingerprint checks. The bill requires the Homeland Security Department to set up finger print scanners at America’s 10 busiest airports […]

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Houston Cold Case Solved Forensics Personnel Honored by FBI

On December 14, 1969 in Houston, Ms. Jackson began her shift as a telephone operator for Southwestern Bell.  She parked her car in the company parking lot and was then forced into a nearby shack by an unknown assailant, who proceeded […]

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