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  Because it is the second most popular destination for immigrants entering Europe, Italy is planning to introduce fingerprinting “hotspots” as soon as migrants reach rescue boats in the Mediterranean. These floating fingerprint centers will help more efficiently process the […]

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United States Immigration and Customs is planning to fingerprint the parents claiming immigrant children who enter the country illegally. 31,000 of these parents were found claiming children in 2014 and 2015, all coming from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, and […]

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Korean artist Jazoo Yang protests forcible demolition in vulnerable areas of Motogol where inhabitants are being displaced by new real estate, and she uses fingerprints to demonstrate this. Yang speaks out against the disenfranchisement of, brutality towards, and exploitation of […]

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  The roots of fingerprinting trace back to a case in Kansas in 1903, when Clerk M.W. McClaughtry of a local penitentiary was puzzled upon processing an inmate that he had seemingly already admitted years before. The new inmate, Will […]

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In the investigation of the girlfriend of an Armenian gang member in California, a new problem faced police in getting information from her: they could not unlock her iPhone with the fingerprinting sensor. A judge in the county signed off […]

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