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Because a court could demand that you use your fingerprint to open your smartphone during an investigation, attorneys are warning people against using the biometric feature on their devices. Legally, an investigator cannot forcibly obtain a passcode, but they can […]

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    Because technology moves so quickly, sometimes the law has to play a catch-up game. This is the case for fingerprinting sensors located on mobile devices because, while they enhance security, they do not protect individuals from being forced to […]

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Phone manufacturers want to give users the most convenient, most secure methods to operate their phones, which is why companies like Apple and Samsung have integrated fingerprinting sensors into mobile devices. While the biometric technology makes purchasing and accessing phone […]

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   An innovative molecular fingerprinting technique has allowed British scientists to identify the bone of a Neanderthal from about 2,000 small bone fragments. Removed from an archeological dig in Russia, the bone is the first ever discovered to belong to […]

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The police department in Twin Falls, ID is mandating that visiting vendors in the town must be fingerprinted, to protect the townspeople from harassment. The police chief notes that the fingerprinting requirement is not to prevent door-to-door sales, but to […]

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