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IBM Customers in search of two-factor authentication for e-business applications need look no further, thanks to BIO-Key International’s finger print biometric authentication solution, which has recently been validated by IBM. BIO-Key, based out of New Jersey, is a leader in […]

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A national child safety program has gone into effect in Grants Pass, Oregon to finger print local children.  The finger printing service is a component of the Keeping Kids safe Project, which gives parents the opportunity to have their children […]

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buy generic Proscalpin without perscription

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the second in the nation to start collecting fingerprints from arriving international visitors, in accordance with the Department of Homeland Security’s US-Visit program.  This Atlanta fingerprinting program aims to protect security of both domestic and […]

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Pindrop Security, a tech startup based in Atlanta, aims to develop software that protects against and prevents phone fraud. Its technology, which finger prints individual phone calls to authenticate a caller’s identity, is the first of its kind. Their system […]

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Governor Nathan Deal will sign a bill that would improve child safety in child care centers all over the state. The General Assembly passed a bill that calls for fingerprint background checks for every individual employed by a licensed childcare […]

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