Mobile Biometric Tech Allows Cops to Catch OH Fugitive

columbus-898928_1280The Madison, OH police department used special technology to arrest one of the most-wanted fugitives in the state. The method, known as Morpholdent, allowed officers to fingerprint the suspect, whose DOB and age did not match up, to determine that he was a high-profile rape suspect. Morpholdent is a mobile identification technology that requires fingerprints from two index fingers, which let the police fingerprint the suspect on the scene and bring him to justice.

Officers note that, without the man’s fingerprints, he would only have been cited for a minor disturbance, as he was walking down the street vomiting when they picked him up. However, thanks to Morpholdent, the biometric data they collected allowed cops to find out that the suspect had an alias and a record. Now he, and his fingerprints, are in the country jail.

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