Fingerprint Identification May Prevent Wildlife Crime

elephant-687338_1280Korean artist Jazoo Yang protests forcible demolition in vulnerable areas of Motogol where inhabitants are being displaced by new real estate, and she uses fingerprints to demonstrate this. Yang speaks out against the disenfranchisement of, brutality towards, and exploitation of the poor natives by covering a soon-to-be demolished house in red finger prints. Bearing legal meaning, the ink fingerprinting represents a contract or pledge and speaks to the history of the houses and the fleeting nature of their demolishment.

Yang’s ink fingerprints have left a literal and figurative mark on this community; she has received backlash from the construction sites, but she has also impacted village residents in a positive way through her tribute to their homes. She hopes to expand the fingerprinting piece, called Dots, into a series to reach other communities facing forced demolition.