Atlanta Fingerprinting is happy to help individuals, businesses, and government agencies who need ink fingerprinting services in Atlanta. When you need finger prints for background checks of employees or to renew your professional licenses, Atlanta Fingerprinting will provide you with a friendly expert who can take fingerprints quickly and accurately on FBI 258 fingerprint cards.

We currently do not offer electronic, digital or Livescan fingerprinting.

Who do we help with our fingerprinting service?

Many industries require FBI fingerprint background checks under state and federal law for jobs or professional licenses. We know these industries well, so let us use our knowledge and experience to meet your personal and business requirements.

Some of the positions that commonly require FBI fingerprinting:

> Physicians & Nurses
> FINRA Professionals
> Mortgage Brokers
> Real Estate Agents
> Insurance Brokers
> Bank Employees
> Lawyers & Student Bar Applicants
> Tax Preparers & IRS Agents
> Liquor Licensees
> Adoptions & Foster Parents
> Teachers and Other School Employees
> Child Care Workers
> Home Health & Hospice Workers
> Citizenship and Immigration Concerns
> Passports Renewals (South Africa & Ethiopia)
> Postal Employees
> Lottery Employees
> Nursing Home Employees
> Airline and Airport Employees
> Public Transportation Workers
> Armed & Unarmed Security Guards
> Applicants for Concealed Firearm Permits
> Department of Defense Workers

What you can expect from our fingerprint service

Our goal is to provide you with fast & accurate ink fingerprints. We’ll provide:

  • Professional facility
  • No intimidating “booking” rooms
  • Easy appointment scheduling
  • Special ink for hard-to-read, rejected fingerprints
  • Standard, FBI 258 fingerprinting cards
  • Experienced technicians to roll your fingerprints
  • Quick service–you’ll be in and out in 10-15 minutes

What an employer or business can expect from our service:

We’ll provide employers & businesses with convenient & professional fingerprinting services in Atlanta by giving:

  • A hassle-free experience for your job applicants
  • Service tailored to your specific, employment needs
  • Faster responses and fewer fingerprint rejections
  • No equipment purchases or maintenance costs
  • No worries about fee collection and payment processing
  • Accurate background information that you need in order to make a hiring decision

Please note:  Due to the range of conditions of an individual’s fingers, ink fingerprints are NOT guaranteed to be readable by finger printing card scanners used by the FBI or other processing companies.  It is widely suggested that at least two fingerprint cards are submitted for processing.

Where can I get my fingerprints taken?

Atlanta Fingerprinting is located between Buckhead and Midtown where interstates 85, 75 and 400 merge. Our office is open to take fingerprints during weekdays and weekends.  We fingerprint by appointment only so that we can complete your finger prints in 10-15 minutes. Please contact us to schedule a time.